Simple cleaning hack makes dirty trainers look brand new using £1 products

31 March 2021, 11:25

How to clean your trainers
How to clean your trainers. Picture: Instagram/twinklecleaningduo

This genius cleaning hack has transformed a pair of grimy trainers in just a few minutes.

With summer right around the corner, two cleaning fanatics have revealed how to refresh last year’s trainers and leave them looking sparkling new.

Taking to their Instagram page ‘Twinklecleaningduo’ - which is dedicated to cleaning hacks - Nat and Kat shared a video proving how easy it can be to transform a pair of Vans.

In the clip, the savvy women can be seen using two products from Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning brand - The Pink Stuff - as well as the Sonic Scrubber cleaning brush.

The Pink Stuff Oxi powder was used
The Pink Stuff Oxi powder was used. Picture: Instagram/twinklecleaningduo
The laces were put in a bottle with The Pink Stuff
The laces were put in a bottle with The Pink Stuff. Picture: Instagram/twinklecleaningduo

After removing the laces, Nat and Kat soaked them in hot water and a good helping of The Pink Stuff Oxy powder, which is a stain remover used to brighten clothes in the wash.

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While leaving the laces to soak in an old bottle, the pair then turned their attention to the soles of their shoes.

Using The Pink Stuff cream cleaner, a generous amount was squeezed along the bottom of the shoes, before they got to work with a Sonic Scrubber to remove the stains.

The tool is available for just £9 from Amazon and means you no longer have to spend hours scrubbing away stubborn marks.

After just a few minutes, the shoes were put side by side to reveal the impressive before and after results.

The Sonic Scrubber was used on the Van trainers
The Sonic Scrubber was used on the Van trainers. Picture: Instagram/twinklecleaningduo
The trainers look brand new
The trainers look brand new. Picture: Instagram/twinklecleaningduo

This comes after Mrs Hinch revealed she also uses the Sonic Scrubber to clean out her washing machine drawer.

The 30-year-old social media star - aka Sophie Hinchcliffe - explained that she soaked the drawer in Flash spray, costing £1.99, and left it for the moment.

She then used a scoop of bicarbonate of soda and some white vinegar spray before getting out her SonicScrubber electrical cleaning brush to access all the small nooks and crannies.

While the tool is priced at £18.99 on Amazon, unbranded versions are also available for £10 less.

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