‘Genius’ hack reveals how to clean your dirty old frying pan using a tea bag

31 March 2021, 11:16

A cleaning expert has revealed how she cleans her pans with a tea bag
A cleaning expert has revealed how she cleans her pans with a tea bag. Picture: Instagram: @lynsey_queenofclean

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This simple trick shows you how to clean your kitchen pans using a tea bag.

With restaurants and bars still closed across the UK at the moment, we’ve all been doing more home cooking.

But if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably ended up burning your culinary masterpieces at least once or twice.

And with burnt food, comes very dirty pots and pans which are near-on impossible to clean.

So, now one cleaning expert has revealed how she gets her kitchen equipment sparkling new using a tea bag.

The simple trick was shared by Instagram user @Lynsey_ QueenOfClean, who started by showing off her filthy frying pan.

The cleaning tip will leave your pans sparkling new
The cleaning tip will leave your pans sparkling new. Picture: Instagram: @lynsey_queenofclean

After filling it up with hot water from the tap, the water turns a brown colour before Lynsey throws in a tea bag.

She explains that it doesn't matter if it is new or used, adding: "Pop it in and let the tannins in the tea do the work."

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After leaving it to soak for 15 minutes, Lynsey empties the pan and rinses it off with clean water.

She wrote alongside it: "Tea bag trick. New or used tea bags are a great cleaner and they work amazing at cleaning up dirty pans. Let the tea do the trick. No scrubbing required."

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And her followers were quick to comment, with many praising her for the ‘genius’ trick.

"This is a brilliant tip, I’ve used it a few times and it works every time. Thank you Lynsey,” said one person.

A second wrote: "Wow! I never knew this... my hubby will thank me when I show him this - no more scrubbing pans!"

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While a third added: “Oh wow that is awesome , I think I need a poster on the inside of my cupboard with all your tips xx they are fab x”

When another asked if it works on roasting trays too, Lynsey replied: “yes or you can sprinkle with bicarb”.

Meanwhile, another social media cleaning expert has revealed how to keep your bins smelling great with a toilet freshener.

Taking to Instagram, Mrs D's Cleaning Reviews told her 64k followers: “TOP TIP for keeping your bin smelling fresh.

“We all know what it's like to have a smelly bin, you can pop bicarbonate of soda in to soak up odour but it doesn't keep it smelling fresh.

“Rather than keep sprinkling bin powders or Bicarbonate of soda into the bin liner try using toilet Duck Fresh Disc gel on the inside of your bin lid.

“Toilet Duck Fresh Discs are Anti Odour, they will neutralise bad odours and leave a fresh scent behind….everytime you open your bin you will no longer be hit by a nasty odour, rather you will be hit with a fresh scent.

“Don't worry your bin doesn't have to smell like your toilet. Duck have a variety of fragrances from floral to fruit.”

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