Mum creates magical Christmas igloo for her son for only £10 - using cotton wool and an old sheet

19 November 2019, 12:13 | Updated: 19 November 2019, 12:17

A mum has shared a picture of the igloo she made
A mum has shared a picture of the igloo she made. Picture: Facebook
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

One mum has brought Christmas alive for her son after she created a festive igloo for just £10.

With December right around the corner, you’ve probably started to think about what to get your family for the big day.

But crafty mum Dawn Cartwright has already won Christmas by creating the perfect festive igloo for less than a tenner.

Dawn - from Peterborough - revealed her incredible DIY hack which started with a cardboard igloo from Hobby Craft costing just £7.50.

Getting her little boy involved, the family then set about decorating it with products from Poundland.

Sharing a picture of the impressive structure on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook group, it can be seen besides a Christmas tree in the corner of the room along with a Father Christmas ornament.

One crafty mum has shared a photo of her crafty igloo
One crafty mum has shared a photo of her crafty igloo. Picture: Facebook

Writing to followers, Dawn said: “Our igloo for Christmas £7.50 for igloo from Hobbycraft.

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“Cotton wool and snow sheets from pound shop, old white sheet for the bottom. Cost around £10 in total.”

She added: “My little man loves it.”

And fans couldn’t wait to comment, as one wrote: “What an amazing idea for the kids.”

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Another said: “Thank you for this idea, I’ve just ordered one, can’t wait to be creative, happy Christmas.”

The cardboard igloo comes blank which gives children the chance to colour it in themselves and create their own piece of art.

Hobbycraft's igloo is £7.50
Hobbycraft's igloo is £7.50. Picture: Hobbycraft

A description on the website reads: “The white igloo is perfect for covering with your own illustrations of polar bears, penguins, snowmen and more with pencils, pens or paints.

“It will make for a lovely family activity when you're looking for kids' Christmas crafts that little ones can enjoy at home. Once built and decorated, children can enjoy endless hours of play!”

Another creative mum called Samie then went on to share a photo of the house she had made with her daughter purely from recycled materials.

Another mum created a gingerbread house from old cardboard
Another mum created a gingerbread house from old cardboard. Picture: Facebook

She said: “I really wanted to get my daughter the igloo playhouse from Hobbycraft, but I just couldn't justify paying the £7.50 for what is purely a cardboard box.

“So I made her a gingerbread playhouse using some cardboard boxes I got from work.”

Samie decorated it with cardboard plates, toilet roll tubes and ribbon she had lying around the house.