Mum heralded as a 'genius' for £1 pram wheel hack that will keep carpets clean

17 November 2019, 08:10 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 16:57

The genius hack costs just £1 - and could save hours of cleaning
The genius hack costs just £1 - and could save hours of cleaning. Picture: Getty / Facebook

By Beci Wood

A clever mum has been praised on Facebook for sharing an ingenious solution for protecting your floors from a dirty buggy.

Shower hat on buggy wheels
Why didn't I think of that? £1 Poundland shower hats cover up dirty buggy wheels. Picture: Facebook/Extreme Couponing and Bargains Group UK

Laura Siarn Outhart shared her thrifty idea with members of the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on the social media website.

Her post read: "£1 shower caps bought from Poundland. Ideal for popping over your muddy wheels to catch the mud when it dries and flakes off.

Buggy wheels protector
Protection covers for a buggy on sale on Amazon are double the price. Picture: Amazon

"Saves your carpets and floors getting dirty.

"You can actually buy wheel covers for this purpose but this is definitely a money saving idea and works so well and you can keep reusing over and over again."

Laura’s post received a whopping 13,000 likes and 4500 comments in 48 hours, praising Laura for her creativity.

One fan wrote: "Omg wish I thought of this when my kids were younger!!! Amazing idea."  

While another commented: 'What a great idea!!! You're a genius!!!'

Another added: "Wish I’d have seen this year’s ago!!"

While someone else joked: ‘I might just have another baby for this #gamechanger’

More suggestions were made for shower cap, saying, "Or if you have to put the pram in your boot, great idea!!"

Keep the ideas coming!