Mum sparks debate after branding dad 'inappropriate' for changing in front of daughters at swimming pool

3 December 2019, 13:04

Who was is the wrong?
Who was is the wrong? Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

One mum was not happy when she witnessed a man getting naked in a pool changing rooms, but is she in the wrong?

One mum has taken to parenting website Mumsnet to share her disgust over a father getting changed in front of his two daughters in a swimming pool changing room.

Writing in the Am I Being Unreasonable? section of the website, the unnamed woman explained that she had arrived early at the pool for her son’s swimming lesson, so decided to wait in the changing rooms as the pool area affects her asthma.

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During her time in the changing room, she said she witnessed a dad in there dressing his daughters after they had all been swimming, and then continued to strip “stark naked” and dry himself in front of his daughters, her, and the other strangers in the changing rooms.

One mum was not happy when she witnessed a man getting naked in a pool changing rooms
One mum was not happy when she witnessed a man getting naked in a pool changing rooms. Picture: Getty

The distressed woman wrote on the forum: “He drops his pants and is stark naked in front of his daughters.

“He is also by the door so if another parent was coming in their child would have walked into his penis! And it wasn't less than a minute because he was drying himself as well.”

She went on to question why he didn’t use one of the cubicles or use a towel to cover himself up.

She asked: “Why would and adult choose to get naked in a dressing room at a swim lesson for children with strangers around?”, before ending the post with: “His bum was also hairy and unattractive”.

However, people turned on the woman after she revealed that she had actually been waiting in the male changing room, not the women because it “gets too crowded.”

After the revelation, one person commented: “You were in the men’s changing area and there was a man changing. What exactly is the issue?”

Another added: “What?? It was the men’s changing room and you are offended??? What did you expect to find in the men’s changing room?”

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After receiving messages defending the father for changing in the male changing rooms, the woman went on to ask: “Frankly as a woman, with a son why can't I take him to the Male changing room?”

One person told her she was being unreasonable, writing: “Why on earth were you in the make changing area OP??!!! In our swimming pool parents take children to the males changing if they are with dad, female changing if they are with mum and family change room if they are altogether! YOU are the one in the wrong here!”

However, others agreed with the woman, with one posting: “No need to be naked at ALL. Attention seeking at best. Weird and creepy at worst.”