Parents are now throwing 'period parties' for their teenage daughters

29 January 2019, 12:41 | Updated: 29 January 2019, 13:09

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12-year-old Brooke Lee from Florida went viral for her own period party. Picture: Instagram

A new trend sees parents celebrating their daughter's first period with red food and drinks.

A new trend is sweeping the internet, as parents attempt to celebrate their daughter's entry in to womanhood with a special 'period party'.

First time menses can be a big cause of anxiety for lots of young girls, the occasion has been a long been celebrated in various cultures, and is slowly making it's way into the American mainstream.

Last year, comedian Bert Kreischer revealed while appearing on Conan that his daughter had even organised her own period party.

According to Kreischer, his daughter informed him that “all the girls are throwing them,” and that the party supplies included are red velvet cake and red foods.

In 2017, 12-year-old Brooke Lee, from Jacksonville in Florida went viral after posing happily next to a cake gifted at her very own period party.

The huge red velvet cake, was iced with the words 'Congrats on your period', and it came complete with tampons, pads and pizza.

According to her mother, who spoke to BuzzFeed, she decided to hold the party for her daughter because her daughter was “anxious to have her period” and she wanted “to make this event a little more fun.”

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Tyra Banks discussed her own period party in her book Perfect is Boring. Picture: Getty

At the time people praised her efforts, with some people wishing their own parents had done the same to put them at ease.

What's more, supermodel Tyra Banks discussed her own period party that her mother threw for her at 15 in her book Perfect is Boring.

Her mother, Carolyn London - who co-authored the chapter, wrote: "It was a celebration of womanhood, and an acknowledgement of passing into another realm".