Shocked mum reveals daughter, two, accidentally ordered a £350 sofa off Amazon

10 October 2019, 12:01

A toddler accidentally ordered a £350 sofa on her mum's phone
A toddler accidentally ordered a £350 sofa on her mum's phone. Picture: Getty Images

One woman was shocked to find her young daughter had bought a sofa while using her phone.

We've all heard stories of children accidentally buying extravagant items using their parents’ bank details.

And this became one mum’s reality when her two-year-old decided to splash £350 on a brand new sofa.

Isabella McNeil had given her little one her phone to play on when she seemingly opened the Amazon app and began scrolling.

But the shocked parent didn’t realise her toddler had accidentally got a little too excited with the ‘Buy Now’ button until she received a confirmation email of her order.

Posting a photo of the three-piece sofa in its box on Facebook, Isabella asked her online friends if they fancied buying it off her.

The toddler accidentally bought a sofa on her mum's account
The toddler accidentally bought a sofa on her mum's account. Picture: Getty Images

She wrote: "Brand new in box. Ordered it by mistake, my toddler actually did…darn buy with 1 click on Amazon.

“Anyway, it’s more of a hassle to ship back, so I’ll take a loss."

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When one person asked why she didn’t cancel the order, Isabella then said she didn’t have time.

“She grabbed my phone like she usually does to play with it and the Amazon app was still open and she hit the buy now button with one click by accident,’ she wrote.

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“I didn’t realise it until I got a notification saying your couch has been shipped, at this point I couldn’t cancel in time.”

The mum added: “The return is going to cost me 179 bucks in shipping and restocking fee… so I want to recoup as much as possible. “

It’s not known whether Isabella managed to get any of her money back, but she definitely won’t be leaving her apps open in future.

This comes after another mum went viral for sharing the ultimate parenting hack to get her children to behave.

After a busy day out, Jessica D’Entremont, from Poughkeepsie, New York, decided to put her young daughters in some glow in the dark pyjamas.

She then told them they needed to lie silently under the lights to ‘charge’ them if they wanted to have the light energy to glow.

Other parents soon hailed her a ‘life saver’ for coming up with the ‘genius’ idea.