Poundland hit back after shoppers complain about marshmallow boobs and bums

11 January 2019, 10:47 | Updated: 11 January 2019, 11:09

Poundland's raunchy sweets have caused controversy
Poundland's raunchy sweets have caused controversy. Picture: Twitter @Gemma_brett
Alice Westoby

By Alice Westoby

The budget high street store has defended its raunchy range of marshmallow sweets.

Poundland has felt the wrath of some female shoppers over their new range of raunchy sweets which include marshmallow boobs and bums.

Customised criticised the store for the product which is stocked in the novelty section of Poundland shops and includes packaging on the cover which reads 'squidge my cheeks!' and 'a cracking pair!'.

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Customer and Twitter user Gemma Aitchison was particularly offended by the sweets and tweeted the store to let them know her thoughts on the item which she labelled inappropriate for families.

She said: "What exactly are you trying to say with these products @Poundland to the families who come in store? No sign of any male things to sexually assault. No testicles to grab at?'

Many other social media users agreed that the products were sexist with one user labelling them "appaling".

Tweeter Josephine Liptrott said: "Oh my goodness. That is APPALLING. The sexualisation and objectification of women even in marshmallow form?? And that pornified illustration... Dear lord, @Poundland is still 1972 is your stores. This is an absolute disgrace."

Poundland have now issued a statement about the product but rather than apologising to those offended, suggested that they should ignore the product.

A spokesperson for the company said: "If something's offended you, we won't force you to buy it.

"It's fine for you to look the other way and ignore it. Here at Poundland, we think it's ok that sometimes we don't always get it right for everyone, because, frankly it's impossible to do that."

"They added: "Just because someone doesn't like something we do, we also believe that doesn't give them the automatic right to stop us doing it for thousands of other people who like it."

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