8 ways to protect your home from spiders as they invade this autumn

19 October 2020, 12:58

How to stop spiders getting into your home
How to stop spiders getting into your home. Picture: Getty Images

Here are some handy ways to spider-proof your house if you hate creepy crawlies...

Spider season has arrived, which means the creepy crawlies could be making their way into your homes to keep warm.

Most house spiders are completely harmless in the UK, with the vast majority are perfectly happy avoiding all contact with humans.

But that doesn’t provide comfort to the millions of people who are terrified of the eight-legged creatures who would rather not share their homes with spiders.

So, here are eight ways you can keep spiders at bay this year.

Spider season is in the autumn from September to October
Spider season is in the autumn from September to October. Picture: Getty Images

1. Peppermint oil

Spiders hate the smell of peppermint, as do loads of other bugs too.

You can create a peppermint spray by diluting a few drops of it in water and putting in a bottle.

Spray this everywhere you would usually find spiders.

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2. Vacuum regularly

Make sure you target enclosed areas which are covered such as under worktops and behind cupboards and sofas.

This will get rid of any webs or debris on the floor.

You should vacuum regularly to keep spiders at bay
You should vacuum regularly to keep spiders at bay. Picture: Getty Images

3. Fill gaps

Fill gaps between walls, pipework and under the doors where possible.

4. Get rid of ‘spider food’

Any dead flies or other small crawling insects in doorways and window sills could attract spiders. It’s important that these are all kept sparkling clean.

5. White vinegar

Just like peppermint, spiders hate the smell of white vinegar,

Fill a spray bottle with diluted vinegar and water, and spray all the cracks and window sills around your home.

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6. Close windows at night

A very simple one, don’t give the creepy crawlies an easy way into your warm home at night.

7. Keep your house tidy

Spiders like to live in dark places, so remove clutter such as boxes and packages to give them less places to hide.

8. Limit light

Insects such as flies and moths are attracted to light - and these are ideal spider prey.

So turn any lights off inside and outside if possible.

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