Rare houseplants accidentally sold at Lidl and B&Q are worth £4,000

28 January 2022, 10:39 | Updated: 28 January 2022, 10:50

You could have a houseplant worth thousands
You could have a houseplant worth thousands. Picture: Getty Images

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If you've recently bought a plant from the supermarket, you might have one of these extremely rare variations...

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Over lockdown, many of us decided to become plant parents and fill our homes with greenery.

But now shoppers are being urged to check whether they’ve recently purchased a rare shrub that could be worth thousands.

According to MyLondon, supermarkets such as Lidl and B&Q have been selling variations of common house plants for around £10, while they are selling online for up to £4,000.

There are reportedly five different types of rare plants that have been seen in shops and garden centres across the UK.

Look out for these varieties below and you could be sitting on a gold mine…

Variegated Monstera Deliciosa

Variegated Monstera Deliciosa
Variegated Monstera Deliciosa. Picture: Getty Images

One variation is known as the Monstera Deliciosa, or the ‘Swiss Cheese plant’ thanks to the holes in its leaves.

While a regular version of this green plant isn't worth much, a variegated Monstera is extremely rare.

A few of these pretty plants develop white markings on their stems and leaves, but because the differences can be subtle, shops mix them up with the regular version and sell them for a tenner.

If this is lucky enough to happen to you, Etsy is now listing one for a whopping £4,562.18.

You can try and spot the houseplant by looking for white lines on the stems or a constellation-like pattern on the leaves.

Variegated Monstera Adansonii

Variegated Monstera Adansonii
Variegated Monstera Adansonii. Picture: Getty Images

Regular Monstera Adansonii plants are sold up and down the country for as little as £5 and look fairly similar to the Monstera Deliciosa.

However, the rare variegated type has telltale white stripes on the stem, which is often mistaken for disease.

On Etsy, you can find one of these for £200, while a few single leafs are going for a whopping £1,533.39.

Philodendron White Princess or White Knight

Philodendron White Princess
Philodendron White Princess. Picture: Getty Images

There are over 400 species of Philodendron in the world, with many supermarkets struggling to tell the difference.

But if you spot a Philodendron with white lines on the leaves, it could be worth a small fortune.

On Etsy, you can find a White Knight for as much as £4,216.82, while White Princess’ can be found online for around £400.

Pink Princess Philodendron

Pink Princess Philodendron
Pink Princess Philodendron. Picture: Getty Images

The Pink Princess Philodendron looks very similar to the White Knight and White Princess, but it has pink variegation instead of white.

If you manage to get your hands on one, they are going for as much as £2,228 on Etsy, while one leaf is £200.

Variegated Monstera Obliqua

Variegated Monstera Obliqua
Variegated Monstera Obliqua. Picture: Getty Images

A variegated Monstera Obliqua is one of the most sought after plants, with its fragile leaves often being mistaken for pest damage.

One is being sold on Etsy for £1,183.27, while another has reached £1,000 on Facebook Marketplace.

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