New mum told baby will be teased over 'worst name ever'

23 May 2023, 06:53

A woman has been slammed for her choice of baby name
A woman has been slammed for her choice of baby name. Picture: Getty Images

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A woman has been criticised for calling her daughter an unusual name, which many say sounds like a 'shampoo bottle'.

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Picking a baby’s name can be one of the toughest decisions new parents have to make.

And while some people go for classic names, others choose to create their own combinations.

But one mum has been criticised for her creativity after she named her newborn Strawberry Rain.

Despite deciding on the 'perfect' moniker, the woman’s colleague shared it on a Reddit thread of the 'worst baby names you've ever come across'.

A new mum has called her daughter 'Strawberry Rain'
A new mum has called her daughter 'Strawberry Rain'. Picture: Alamy

They wrote: “My coworker named her baby "Strawberry Rain". Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo.”

One person commented: “I would have gone with Strawberry Shortcake, but it's her pick.”

“I'm curious as to what type of work you do to hire people so eccentric,” said someone else.

A third wrote: “Hahaha to the shampoo part. It does sound like a shampoo.”

While a fourth said: “I hope you’re lying. If you’re not, that kid’ll get bullied so badly.”

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But some people didn’t mind the name, with another writing: “On the plus side, they can just shorten their name to "Rain" which isn't so terrible.”

“Okay, I like Strawberry, and I like Rain, but both?,” said someone else.

This comes after another expectant mum was criticised for her Harry Potter inspired baby name.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman wrote: "Came across the character Libatius Borage while re-reading Harry Potter and thought Libatius is actually a lovely name."

A woman has been criticised for her baby name
A woman has been criticised for her baby name. Picture: Getty Images

She then added: "Bit out there? Or a charming name that deserves more attention?"

The name is Libatius (pronounced Lye-Bay-Shus), whose name appears in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as the author of Advanced Potion Making.

Just like Strawberry Rain, it didn’t exactly go down well, with one person writing: "Good grief. Desperation to be different really does make people consider stupid things!"

Someone else said: "JK Rowling invented a lot of names in the Harry Potter books.That doesn't mean they work in real life."

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