A self-cooling pillow could help you get to sleep in the hot weather

25 June 2020, 12:38 | Updated: 29 June 2020, 16:09

This self-cooling pillow could help you sleep
This self-cooling pillow could help you sleep. Picture: Getty Images/Amazon

People across the country are struggling to fall asleep during the heatwave.

It’s finally summer in the UK, and despite the weather changing at the drop of a hat, we can count on a lot more sunny days over the next few weeks.

But while we’re all enjoying BBQs and sunbathing in the park, many Brits have been struggling to fall asleep during the heatwave.

So, if you’ve been tossing and turning over the last few days, a cooling pillow could be exactly what you need.

Available at many retailers, the gel comforter helps improve quality of sleep by ‘maintaining an optimal sleeping temperature.’

Cooling pillow topper
Cooling pillow topper. Picture: Amazon

It can be placed under your pillow or into your pillowcase and keeps cool due to the fresh gel filling.

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On the hottest of nights, some users even put the product in the fridge for a few hours to get an even cooler sleep.

Amazon is selling the LIVIVO Cooling Gel Pillow for £7.95, and it has more than 400 five-star reviews.

The description reads: "It absorbs and dissipates heat away from the head and neck throughout the night.

"It helps improve quality of sleep by maintaining an optimal sleeping temperature."

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Lots of happy customers have since praised the product, with one writing: "We have no AC so bedroom temps were over 30c, the gel pillow provided a lot of comfort and enabled me to get to sleep."

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Another said: "As soon as I lay down and put my head / face on the pillow it started to cool me down, it was amazing. I had my first solid nights sleep."

Lloyds pharmacy is selling the naturally cooling gel pillow ‘Chillmax’ for £11.99, which claims to ‘absorb excess heat’.

You can also place it beneath your laptop while you are working from home to keep it from overheating your legs, or place it around sore or aching joints to deliver cooling relief.

Cooling mattress topper
Cooling mattress topper. Picture: Argos

Meanwhile, if you're after an even more comfortable sleep, Argos is selling a mattress topper for £69.99 which is lined with gel packs that help to keep temperatures low.

It’s been designed to fit on single beds, and all you need to do is put it under your bedsheet and feel the benefits.

The product description reads: “The secret is in the sealed gel packs that react to your body heat to create a 'dry' cooling sensation

“The mattress topper is seam free and finished in luxurious cotton ready to pop under your sheet.”

As well as reducing your body temperature during the summer months, the gel pad is also good for “headaches, sunburn, hot feet and hot flushes.”

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