Why are WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook not working?

4 October 2021, 17:25 | Updated: 5 October 2021, 09:58

WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are down for millions
WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are down for millions. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Reports of issues with WhatApp, Facebook, Instagram and EE have left users questioning what has happened.

Networks such as EE, O2 and BT, as well as social media and messaging platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are reporting issues across the UK.

There are reports of people not being able to connect to the internet at all, while others can't even get onto the home page of their favourite social media platform.

One person wrote on Twitter – which appears to be running fine – that they can't send messages on WhatsApp with WiFi or data.

Others, when trying to access Instagram or Facebook, are being met with a 'server error' message or a 'this site can't be reached' message.

According to DownDetector, there are problems coming in from Whats App, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, EE, O2, Sky, BT, Vodafone, Three and Snapchat.

As of 5:00PM, the website had seen over 36,000 reports of issues with WhatsApp, and 27,000 for Facebook.

At the moment, there is no explanation to the issues being reported, but you can report your issues online here.

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