Woman, 43, claims salon 'bullied' her into £2K facial to fix her '79-year-old skin'

22 January 2019, 14:03 | Updated: 24 January 2019, 09:43

Woman ageing, wrinkles
A salon has been accused of using aggressive sales tactics. Picture: Getty

The salon had previously been investigated by BBC Watchdog for "body shaming" clients into getting more expensive treatments.

A woman claims she was duped into forking out £2,000 on a facial after a salon told her she had the skin of an old woman.

Kerry Halliwell, 43, claims employees of clinic Smooth You told her she had the skin of a 79-year-old when she first visited in January 2017.

Speaking to Femail, Kerry claims she was made to cough up the four-figure sum in addition to an extra £400 upfront.

After my free facial and skin analysis, they sat me down in a beauty room for two hours and told me my skin was like that of a 79-year-old woman."They said my face was haggard and dry. They told me the lines were bad around my eyes and my pores were big.

"They asked me what my beauty routine was and I said I had been through a lot of stress as I had been burgled just three days prior."

Premature ageing, wrinkle treatment
Kerry paid a four-figure sum in addition to an extra £400 upfront. Picture: Getty

After completing four treatments in June 2018, Kerry was shocked to find out the salon had gone into administration and she was left out of pocket.

Kerry claimed to Femail: "I started to panic. I contacted my finance provider Omni Capital and I was the first person to contact them as they had heard nothing. And not heard from them since."I have not been offered any reimbursement."

The clinic, which was previously run by UK director Sasi Shiri, had been investigated on BBC's watchdog for "body shaming" clients in a bid to boost sales an accusation they denied.