Woman charges friend £2 for petrol after giving him a lift home

13 December 2022, 13:19 | Updated: 13 December 2022, 13:21

A man has shared a text he received
A man has shared a text he received. Picture: Getty Images/TikTok @peterpribylpierdinock

A TikTok user has gone viral after he shared a request he received for £2 after accepting a ride home from a friend.

A man has divided opinion after he revealed a friend of a friend had charged him after giving him a lift home.

Taking to TikTok, @peterpribylpierdinock revealed the exchange which had happened back in July.

Sharing a screenshot of a Venmo request he received for $2.47 (£2.01), he explained that he and his roommate were given a lift by a ‘friend of a friend’ named Julia.

Captioning the clip ‘Friends of friends getting way too bold’, the messages read: “Heyyyy it’s Julia.

"What’s ur venmo? I need to charge u like $2.47 for driving u home last night lmaooo [sic]”.

She followed up this message with: “also, what’s ur roommates venmo gas is so pricy hehe don’t blame me blame biden!!! [sic]”.

Unsurprisingly, the video has attracted a lot of attention with more than four million views over the past few days.

And TikTok users were completely divided by the situation, with many saying they’d be ‘too embarrassed’ to ask for that little money.

A man has revealed he was charged for being given a lift home
A man has revealed he was charged for being given a lift home. Picture: Getty Images

“My life could rely on that $2.47 and I’d still be too embarrassed to really ask someone for that amount back,” wrote one person.

Someone else said: “I truly would rather have my checking account go into overdraft than ask someone for $2.47.”

“Roommate?? So she’s charging both of you for going to the same place. How does that work?,” asked another.

A fourth added: “If you absolutely need to be paid back for this stuff, you tell the person beforehand. So they can say ``nevermind I don’t need a ride’.”

But some people agreed the passengers should have to contribute to the rising cost of petrol.

“I don’t mind paying for gas because I know how expensive it is but always let me know BEFORE the ride,” said someone.

Another user agreed: “Gas is expensive and we don’t know any context to what happened (distance etc.). She might have been living paycheck to paycheck.”

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