Woman bizarrely 'cleans' fruit and veg in dishwasher using vinegar and people can't believe it

10 July 2020, 13:26 | Updated: 10 July 2020, 16:36

The apparent 'hack' has left many baffled about the actual point
The apparent 'hack' has left many baffled about the actual point. Picture: TikTok
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The very *unique* hack has baffled a lot of viewers after going viral on TikTok.

A TikTok user has confused a lot of her viewers after posting a video displaying a method of cleaning fruit and veg that's never been done before.

The self-proclaimed 'TikTokholic' who goes by the name of @smilelop has gained over a million views on her 'TikTok Tip".

Sharing her method on TikTok, she demonstrated the questionable hack which shows a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables very neatly organised in the dishwasher racks.

Then she goes on to explain that instead of regular dish washing tablets as you would a regular wash, she instead pours vinegar into the detergent compartment before running a cycle.

While washing with vinegar as long been common washing method, the dishwasher has many people stumped and wonder if it's worth the effort.

The user lined up all of her veg in the dishwasher
The user lined up all of her veg in the dishwasher. Picture: TikTok
She used vinegar instead of detergent
She used vinegar instead of detergent. Picture: TikTok

Many suggested just "washing them in the sink" instead, while others questioned the quality of the fruit after the cycle was complete.

One person stated: "I literally don't know why this would be necessary."

And another shared: "Wouldn't the berries just go everywhere? "

While another joked: "I was also thinking you could steam your vegetables in there? "

The very baffling method did however gain a couple fans as some were impressed by the "clever" hack.

One person commented: "Wow, thanks for the idea. This is so much easier than hand washing."

And another added : "great idea"