Woman suffers online shopping fail as she orders laundry baskets the size of her hand

28 August 2019, 16:10 | Updated: 28 August 2019, 16:12

A woman suffered the ultimate online shopping fail
A woman suffered the ultimate online shopping fail. Picture: Getty Images/Facebook
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A woman thought she'd found a bargain, but accidentally ordered TINY laundry baskets the size of her hand.

We’ve all been there, you excitedly order something online only for it to turn up at your door looking completely different.

But while it usually happens with clothes, one woman from Nottinghamshire became a victim of the ultimate shopping fail when she came across a laundry basket on Amazon.

Lauren Lacey thought she’d found an absolute bargain when she noticed the baskets were selling for a mere 91p on the website, so she ended up ordering three.

Unfortunately, when they arrived, it became clear that the seemingly handy storage bags weren’t going to be much use.

Lauren shared this photo on Facebook
Lauren shared this photo on Facebook. Picture: Facebook

Not exactly big enough for a weekly load of washing…

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Well, it turns out Lauren actually ordered desk organisers which should be used to hold pens, glasses, and makeup brushes - with the product description stating the size as a tiny “11.3x11cm”.

The disappointed shopper shared a photo of her disaster on Facebook group ‘Hinch Army Cleaning Tips’ along with the caption: “So I thought I was getting a bargain, three washing baskets at 91p each, guess who didn’t read the description?”

Lauren was fooled by this picture of the item
Lauren was fooled by this picture of the item. Picture: Amazon

Other social media users were quick to reply with their own hilarious mishaps, according to metro.co.uk, one person replied: “I did this with a sieve once. It was a tea strainer.”

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Another user revealed product descriptions had got the better of her on various occasions, explaining: “My many eBay mishaps include buying a woolly hat, arrived tiny and turned out it was a hat for a gearstick!! A lovely blanket as a present for a baby.. turned out to be an a4 piece of paper telling you how to crochet it! Oh and cones for football training, they came the size of screwballs!”

Obviously, Lauren isn’t the first person to have been fooled by the photo, as one person wrote on Amazon: “BE AWARE TINY TINY TINY!!!!!! ONLY 4 INCHES HIGH NOT LAUNDRY BASKET!!!!!”