Internet left confused as paint company advertises ‘sage green’ paint as ‘blue gray’, but what colour do you see?

28 August 2019, 15:10

This Blue Gray paint is being questioned by confused people
This Blue Gray paint is being questioned by confused people. Picture: Getty/Farrow&Ball
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

There’s another optical illusion in the works, and it’s dividing the Internet.

It all started when home decoration Farrow & Ball shared a picture of a door painted with their Blue Gray paint on their Instagram page.

The picture shows a cute dog standing in front of the door, with the caption describing the shade of the paint used to paint the door as Blue Gray.

However, customers aren’t sure about the name of the paint shade, as they point out the obvious - it looks green.

Many people commented that the door was intact green, while some described it as ‘sage green’.

On their website, the Blue Gray paint appears more blue-toned when painted inside, as their display picture shows the shade on the wood of a bathroom.

On their website, Farrow & Ball describe the shade as: “With its subtle mix of blue, green and black pigments, Blue Gray creates the most relaxed of rooms that feel as if they have always been there.

“It is a cooler, more weathered version of French Gray and has the same almost magical quality of gently shifting between blue and grey depending on the light and time of day.”

The reviews are also divided, with some saying the shade was more green than they first thought.

On person commented: “Great colour! Like I expected it’s more green than blue in my east facing kitchen.”

What colour do you see?
What colour do you see? Picture: Farrow&Ball

Another added: “Very pleased with the quality and coverage, it was easy to get a good finish following the F&B instructions on how to paint a door. However, the colour is very definitely more green than blue.”

But what colour are you seeing, green or blue?