Woman shocked to find she'd been charged £4,600 for her Waitrose food delivery

21 May 2019, 14:52 | Updated: 21 May 2019, 15:31

A woman was charged £4,600 for 2,800 fillets of salmon
A woman was charged £4,600 for 2,800 fillets of salmon. Picture: Getty
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Karla got a big surprise when she checked her bank balance after doing an online food shop.

A woman was left gobsmacked when a weekly shop at Waitrose left her with a bill of more than £4,000.

Karla Tandazo from Mill Hill East, London, was expecting to be charged £81 for her usual food order consisting of items such as tea, fruit, cheese and biscuits.

After spotting a deal offering three packets of Wild Alaskan salmon for £10 - with it normally costing £4.99 - she added one to her online basket and checked out.

But somehow, the supermarket giants managed to accidentally add an extra 1,404 packs of the fish fillets to her order, which meant that the overall cost was hiked up to a whopping £4,689.98.

The supermarket's mistake almost cost Karla £4,600
The supermarket's mistake almost cost Karla £4,600. Picture: Getty

Luckily, 28-year-old Karla received a message from American Express notifying her of 'unusual activity' on her account before the colossal salmon order arrived.

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“I was working from home when I made the order,” she explained.

"You have to imagine, I wasn't thinking too hard about this - I saw that salmon deal, and thought that sounded nice, so I put them in the basket.

"Then I got an email from American Express telling me about unusual recent activity, which is when I discovered I'd been charged thousands of pounds.”

Thinking that she’d made the huge blunder herself, Karla reread her first order to make sure her fingers hadn’t slipped on the mouse.

She continued: "For a moment, I wondered if I'd been so silly and ordered 1,404 salmon packs.

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“After I could see there must have been some kind of system error, I got in touch with Waitrose, who - to be fair - were very helpful and apologetic.

"Though they did say they'd need to speak to their manager about x, y, and z.”

Karla said she found the whole thing “confusing, but pretty funny”, adding: "I'd have refused to have taken 3,000 pieces of salmon in at first, and then given them away at the station or something, or even opened up a little shop."

The supermarket have refunded Karla the full amount, with a spokesperson telling us: "This was our mistake and we immediately refunded the money that was charged in error.  

"To say sorry, we'll make sure that Karla gets her next shop on us."

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