Woman saves £6,000 by doing up her kitchen herself for just £100

25 March 2022, 14:52

Her new kitchen looks incredible
Her new kitchen looks incredible. Picture: Latestdeals

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A woman used bargains from B&Q to transform her kitchen on a budget.

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A woman has showed off the incredible results of her new kitchen after doing it up using bargains she found in B&Q.

Melissa Preston, 44, a mum-of-two from Northampton, said that her dream kitchen would have cost a whopping £6,000, so she decided to find a cheaper way to do it herself.

She used budget paint and vinyl from B&Q, and even made a breakfast bar from an old wardrobe.

Melissa told money-saving Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK: “My kitchen was looking tired and tatty and didn’t go with the rest of the house.

She decided to upgrade her kitchen herself
She decided to upgrade her kitchen herself. Picture: Latestdeals

"I had some of the green paint left from last year when I painted my living room and hallway, so I thought I would use that up and then decided on the colour scheme for the rest from there.

"I decided on painting the units dark grey and had some gold handles spare and used them.

"I originally wanted to get vinyl for the worktops to match the floor but I didn’t find anything that I thought matched so instead I went for a grey-brown wood effect which I feel goes very well.

The new kitchen looks incredible
The new kitchen looks incredible. Picture: Latestdeals

"As my tiles were very old and I couldn’t afford to get new tiles I started to hunt for stick-on tiles but I didn't like the options and the reviews were not great."

She decided to instead find a vinyl that had a tile effect, which ended up complementing the colours she'd used in her house.

Detailing what else she used, she said: "I used an old wardrobe door to make a kitchen breakfast bar and covered this in black vinyl.

"I used V33 paint which was £29, painted the walls in the same colour as the hallway with leftover paint, covered the worktops in vinyl for £30, covered the tiles in vinyl for £30, and made the breakfast bar from an old wardrobe and covered it in vinyl for £10. The paint and vinyl were all from B&Q.

The makeover costed just £100
The makeover costed just £100. Picture: Latestdeals

"Then my £100 kitchen makeover was complete! It might not be to everyone’s taste but I love it.

"My top tips are to remember that the hairdryer is your friend when using the DC Fix vinyl.

"Clean, clean and clean a bit more with sugar soap before you even start. This will allow for a better finish and make lighter work in the end.

"Take your time! Remember you will make mistakes and want to throw the towel in. But it will be so worth it once you have finished.

If she'd have paid for a new kitchen, it would have costed her around £6,000
If she'd have paid for a new kitchen, it would have costed her around £6,000. Picture: Latestdeals

"Remove all sealants and re-seal for a smarter and neater finish.

'I’m so happy with the results as it all blends very well together. I love it!

"If I were to have a whole new kitchen it would have cost me about £6,000!

"I know this rough cost as my neighbour has the same size kitchen and just had hers refitted.

"I feel fantastic about saving such a huge amount as now I can make other home improvements with the savings!"

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