Worrying stats reveal an alarming number of women are still avoiding smear tests

23 January 2019, 12:32 | Updated: 24 January 2019, 12:51

Women reveal why they avoid screen tests
Women reveal why they avoid screen tests. Picture: Getty
Alice Westoby

By Alice Westoby

Research has revealed that fear is among the main reasons young women delay their routine smear tests.

New research carried out by Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust has found that the main reason young women delay their smear test is down to embarrassment.

The survey was carried out on more than 2,000 women aged 25-35 about their experiences of cervical cancer screenings.

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A whopping 220,000 British women are diagnosed with cervical abnormalities.

With 2019 marking 10 years since Jade Goody tragically died from cervical cancer after being misdiagnosed, it's discouraging to hear that so many young women are still failing to attend smear test appointments.

The research found that 71 percent of those surveyed felt scared, 75 percent felt vulnerable and 81 percent admitted to feeling embarrassed.

Other reasons given for not attending screenings included feeling that they would not be in control (67%), the fear it would hurt (58%) and discomfort with a stranger examining their genitals (69%).

Jade Goody kisses her husband Jack Tweedy pictured in February 2009
Jade Goody kisses her husband Jack Tweedy pictured in February 2009. Picture: PA

If you have questions about your smear test, the NHS website offers lots of useful advice about the cervical screening.

The charity's research has coincided with Cervical Cancer Protection week which lasts up until the 27th January.