Brits are 'obsessed' with aliens and desperate to see one

30 April 2021, 12:37 | Updated: 30 April 2021, 12:38

Brits are obsessed with aliens... are you one of them?
Brits are obsessed with aliens... are you one of them? Picture: Getty

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People in the UK do more internet searches about aliens than any other European country... and they're dying to know what they look like!

We know that Brits love football, roast dinners, soaps, the Royal family, weather, moaning about parking tickets... and it seems we can add 'aliens' to this elite list.

To mark World Paranormal Day on May 3, new stats released by has found that compared to other European nations, the UK is pre-occupied with searching for aliens, well, online.

Brits make an average of 624,000 searches relating to aliens every year – the equivalent to 1,710 Google searches a day.

Second is France, with our neighbours across the Channel making just 408,000 annual online searches about aliens, a huge drop of 35 percent.

Not far behind in third place is Poland, who clock up 372,000 online searches each year.

But what is it people are so desperate to know about aliens? These are the most asked questions about aliens worldwide

  1. What would an alien look like?
  2. How do aliens contact?
  3. What are aliens?
  4. Where are the aliens
  5. Why would aliens come to earth?

One Brit who believes very strongly in the existence of extra-terrestrial life is Robbie Williams.

In 2018 he revealed that once a UFO had flown so close to him, he could have “hit it with a tennis ball”.

Speaking to Australian show 60 minutes, he said: “I’ve seen one right above me. If I got a tennis ball out I could have hit it.

“I’ve seen a few strange things. I’ve experienced phenomena I can’t explain.”

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Robbie Williams' experience with UFO's | 60 Minutes Australia

In 2010 Robbie splashed out on a £7m mansion in Compton Bassett, Wiltshire, which is well known for being a hotbed of mysterious crop circles.

It’s safe to assume that one of the 624,000 Google searches about alien life was made by Robbie himself.

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