Is Birmingham going in local lockdown?

9 September 2020, 10:23 | Updated: 9 September 2020, 10:24

Birmingham could be going into local lockdown
Birmingham could be going into local lockdown. Picture: PA Images

Birmingham has seen a huge rise in coronavirus cases - but will there be a local lockdown? Here's what we know...

With coronavirus cases rising across the UK, now it looks like Birmingham could be the next city facing local lockdown measures.

The city has seen an alarming spike in COVID-19 infections, meaning local leaders are now facing a battle to prevent things getting out of hand.

But is Birmingham going into local lockdown? And what are the current rules? Here’s what we know…

Birmingham is facing tougher lockdown measures
Birmingham is facing tougher lockdown measures. Picture: PA Images

Is Birmingham going in local lockdown?

Birmingham is not currently under local lockdown, but it is looking likely over the next few days.

This week, West Midlands Mayor Andy Street has warned of the ‘very notable increase in Birmingham and Solihull’ infection rates.

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He said the imposition of ‘additional restrictions’ were now looking more likely, but stressed there has been no decision made yet.

“Everyone can see the numbers,” Mr Street said, continuing: “That would be looking likely – and is in the context of a deteriorating national position, as well.

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“Thus far, it (the virus) has concentrated in the younger age groups, that’s why we’re not saying that much increase in hospitalisations and deaths.

“But if we don’t stop this it will translate into these elder age groups and we will have a very serious situation on our hands.”

In Birmingham, the infection rate went up to 62.4 cases per 100,000 last week, while Manchester - which has more restrictions imposed - is now down to 52.

As well as Greater Manchester, there are still local lockdowns across Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Bolton has recently seen these restrictions put in place, with a curfew on hospitality businesses and a ban on different households socialising.

Restrictions are also coming into force in part of Wales from 6pm today

This comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock told Parliament that tougher measures will have to be put in place if cases continue to rise in the UK.

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