Christmas dinner panic buying already started as turkey sales surge by 400 per cent

4 October 2021, 10:28 | Updated: 4 October 2021, 11:07

People are already panic buying their turkeys for Christmas
People are already panic buying their turkeys for Christmas. Picture: Alamy/Getty Images

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Brits who are ‘concerned about supply’ this Christmas have already started buying their turkeys.

It might only be October, but it looks like Brits are already getting ready for Christmas dinner.

In fact, Iceland has revealed sales of frozen turkeys have surged 409 per cent compared to the same time last year.

According to The Telegraph, customers are ‘concerned about food supply’ so want to be prepared well in advance.

This comes after it was revealed we could be facing Christmas tree and turkey shortages due to supply chain issues in the UK.

There are fears of Christmas dinner shortages
There are fears of Christmas dinner shortages. Picture: Alamy

Around eight to 10 million real Christmas trees are sold across Britain every year, but one third of these are usually imported from countries across Europe.

Mark Rofe, who owns, previously told The Sun that growers are facing some challenges.

"They are seeing an increase in demand for their product," he said, continuing: "Especially from clients who would usually import their trees from Europe, but are keen to avoid any red tape that could increase costs or cause delays for what is of course a highly seasonal and time-sensitive business."

Farmers have also raised their concerns after saying a lack of staff means there could be less turkeys.

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Kate Martin, chairwoman of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association, said: "This year it's looking like there is a national shortage of turkeys when we're talking about supermarket shelves, rather than buying direct from your farm.

"It is the supermarket shelves that will be emptier of turkeys this year than they have been before, only because there have been less turkeys placed on the ground; only because the big processers know that they will not get them processed."

When asked whether she thinks supermarkets will run out of poultry, she answered: "I think everyone needs to get their orders in very quickly. We have seen an absolutely unprecedented number of orders come in.

"Come Christmas, if you leave ordering your turkey from your local farm supplier, you are going to be out of luck."

Shelves are running out of food due to delivery issues
Shelves are running out of food due to delivery issues. Picture: Getty Images

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also spoken out about the Christmas fears, saying the festive period will be 'considerably better' than last year.

He added: "This country leads the world, actually, in logistics and supply chains. We've got very good supply chains.

"Where there are issues that we can help with, we will do everything we can."

This comes as the petrol crisis continues, with the army now called upon to deliver fuel up and down the country.

200 troops will have been recruited to help with the shortage of HGV drivers.