Will Love Island be on this year? How coronavirus could affect the summer series

2 April 2020, 17:03

Will Love Island return this year?
Will Love Island return this year? Picture: ITV

Love Island usually takes place in June - so it will likely be affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what we know so far:

The UK is currently in lockdown in a bid to slow down the spread of coronavirus, and many countries have also closed their borders amid the pandemic.

The Foreign Office recently advised against all-but-essential travel both in and out of the UK, and many airlines - including EasyJet - have grounded their flights.

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In addition, many programmes such as Eastenders and Coronation Street have halted their filming, and the future TV schedule has been heavily impacted by the outbreak.

It is not yet clear how long lockdown measures will last, so the fate of future TV shows is uncertain.

The future of Love Island is uncertain amid coronavirus
The future of Love Island is uncertain amid coronavirus. Picture: ITV

Will Love Island return this summer?

Love Island is one of the biggest television events of the summer, and many people have been left wondering whether the show - which aired its first eve winter series in January - will be back for the second time this year.

ITV haven't made any official comment on whether the series - which is filmed in Spain - will return, but it was recently reported that there are still plans to air the show.

A source told the Daily Mail: "The team are still committed to the series airing this summer. The show will go on.

"Production on Love Island have been told the upcoming series is still scheduled to take place but the show will launch a month later in July. 

"All the usual preparations are going ahead."

The source added: "Bosses are desperate for the show to remain in the hearts of viewers after the winter series was tainted with sadness following Caroline Flack's tragic passing.

"Final decisions will be made closer to the time but for now, it's all systems go."

It was recently reported that Love Island will return this year
It was recently reported that Love Island will return this year. Picture: ITV

When is Love Island due to start?

Love Island tends to start on the first Monday of June, so if it does go ahead, it would likely be due to start on 1 June, however there is no official confirmation of this.


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