Has lockdown ended? The new rules in England explained

23 June 2020, 13:04 | Updated: 23 June 2020, 15:17

Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels & Hairdressers can reopen from 4th July

Has lockdown in England ended? What is now allowed to open? Here's what we know...

Boris Johnson has now announced some major changes to the lockdown rules in England.

As well as slashing social distancing measures, he has also announced that the hospitality sector will be allowed to re-open on July 4th.

But has lockdown ended? And what do the new rules mean? Here’s what you need to know…

Boris Johnson announced new lockdown rules
Boris Johnson announced new lockdown rules. Picture: PA Images

Has lockdown ended?

On Tuesday 23rd June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the nation that England will be open for business once again from July 4.

Under the new guidelines, hotels, pubs, cinemas, libraries, hairdressers and caravan sites will be able to open their doors.

As well as this, the 2m rule has been cut down to '1m plus', making it easier for the hospitality sector to implement social distancing rules.

Hairdressers are opening again in England
Hairdressers are opening again in England. Picture: Getty Images

Staycations will also be allowed from July 4, which means hotels and bed and breakfasts can invite guests back in.

While all those desperate for a haircut will finally be able to get a trim as hairdressers open.

People will be allowed to see one other inside houses and stay overnight, but they must still keep two metres distance where possible.

The meeting of households will not be exclusive, but unlike the 'support bubble', people will have to maintain social distance so will not be allowed to hug.

However, gyms, spas and nightclubs will remain shut as they still pose too much of a risk, as will bowling alleys, skating rinks, tattoo studios and soft-play centres.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will announce their own rules on easing lockdown and these guidelines do not apply.