All the new lockdown restrictions Boris Johnson could announce for England next week

8 October 2020, 07:14 | Updated: 8 October 2020, 07:23

Boris Johnson is set to announce new social distancing rules
Boris Johnson is set to announce new social distancing rules. Picture: Getty Images/PA Images

Boris Johnson is set to announce strict new social distancing rules in England on Monday.

Coronavirus lockdown restrictions are set to be tightened across parts of England next week, with reports suggesting pubs and restaurants will be closed.

According to leaked documents, seen by The Guardian, there could also be a ban on people staying overnight in other homes, while a ‘three tier system’ for local lockdowns is being finalised.

In the plans, Tier 1 would see current social distancing measures stay in place, including the ‘rule of six’ and curfew on pubs and restaurants at 10pm.

Areas who have higher rates of coronavirus infections would see these restrictions, plus a ban on any households mixing under Tier 2.

Visiting indoors in pubs and restaurants would be restricted to one household, unless they are in a support bubble.

Boris Johnson is set to announce new restrictions on Monday
Boris Johnson is set to announce new restrictions on Monday. Picture: PA Images

This alert level also stops care home visits except in exceptional circumstances, and people can only travel for essential reasons.

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Tier 3 will affect the towns and cities with the highest infection rates in which pubs, restaurants and other hospitality businesses will be shut.

No organised non-professional sports or other groups or activities will be permitted under these rules.

Everyone across the tiers will also have to abide by the national social distancing laws in place, such as remaining two metres apart and wearing face masks.

Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle currently have the highest infection rates in the country.

It has been reported that these areas will be placed into the top tier of restrictions as early as Monday, with PM ordering all pubs and restaurants to shut.

This comes after strict new measures were introduced in Scotland.

From Friday, all pubs and restaurants across central Scotland, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, have been ordered to close.

The rest of the country have been ordered to shut hospitality venues at 6pm, while alcohol can only be served outdoors.

And Health Secretary Matt Hancock has since hinted England could be following closely behind.

He said: “Outside your household and socialising between households, the highest place in incidence of likely transmission, measured by where people have contacts, is unfortunately hospitality.

"Now obviously that finding is not good news in terms of the policy action we have to take for that sector.”

According to the Financial Times, Chancellor Rishi Sunak is thought to be finalising a package of financial support for the hospitality sector as the plans are finalised.

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