Phillip Schofield sends fans crazy as he goes topless and hoses himself down in the garden

1 July 2019, 13:52

The 57-year-old showed off his overgrown bamboo bush as he soaked up the sun...

Phillip Schofield sent fans wild after broadcasting his topless sunbathing session during the weekend's heatwave.

The 57-year-old presenter asked fans:"What's the right word? Am I basking? Am I scorching? Or am I roasting? It's very hot!"

Phillip then showed off his impressive pond at the Henley-on-Thames property.

With temperatures soaring in the garden, Phillip continued his topless broadcast by explaining how the gardener had gone overboard with bamboo plants.

Phillip stripped off in his garden during the heatwave
Phillip stripped off in his garden during the heatwave. Picture: Snapchat / PhillipSchofield
Phillip got wet as he went wild with the garden hose
Phillip got wet as he went wild with the garden hose. Picture: Snapchat / Phillip Schofield

Using a social media filter on the Snapchat clip to change the pitch of his voice, Phillip joked that he had four pandas living inside his overgrown bamboo bush.

Phillip then grabbed a garden hose and watered himself down in a desperate bid to stay cool on the hottest June weekend ever recorded.

Phillip Schofield was recently branded an "arch manipulator" by ex telly partner Fern Britton's agent as the This Morning presenter's bitter row with Amanda Holden rages on.

Jon Roseman, who represented Fern during her presenting stint on This Morning from 1999 to 2009, has weighed in on the controversial feud, claiming Phillip's "interfering" behaviour caused issues between the TV duo.

He told the Daily Mail: "From day one he began to interfere with the editorial content of the show. Fern always left it to the editor, a mistake she attempted to rectify, but too late.

"His stranglehold was too tight by the time she recognised what he was up to. Their ability to work together was up there with the Eamonn Holmes/Anthea Turner friction."

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