Piers Morgan screams in AGONY as he ‘experiences childbirth pain’

8 May 2019, 11:26 | Updated: 8 May 2019, 16:33

The controversial presenter left Good Morning Britain viewers in hysterics with his chilling screams of pain

Piers Morgan was left screaming in agony after experiencing the pain of giving birth during a live broadcast of Good Morning Britain.

The TV presenter used a TENS machine - Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation - which simulates the pain of birthing by sending electrical currents through the abdomen.

Piers, 54, could be seen gritting his teeth as he hopelessly tried to battle the pain.

He later apologised for his claims that men also suffer during the birthing process, telling viewers: "On balance, the women of Great Britain, I probably owe you a slight apology. I'm very glad we don't have to go through this.

"I've got to say that was agony. If that's what you honestly go through, my respect for women, in terms of childbirth, has gone through the roof."

Piers Morgan screamed in agony as he experienced the feeling of childbirth with a simulator machine
Piers Morgan screamed in agony as he experienced the feeling of childbirth with a simulator machine. Picture: ITV / Good Morning Britain

He added: "That was painful. I'm never again going to make any comment about childbirth. That was absolute torture... If every man did that for five minutes, we'd never joke about childbirth ever again. It was absolute agony. That has put things into proper perspective."

Good Morning Britain viewers flocked to social media to comment on the bizarre scenes, with one describing it as "TV gold".

Another put: "Oh my days, so funny! But what he felt was only the tip of the iceberg. Try that with a splitting pelvis, no pain relief, a dry birth and all the other complications women have to endure on top."

A third claimed: "See us women can endure lots of pain! There would be no babies if men had to give birth."

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