Sarah Ferguson discusses online trolling and raising Beatrice and Eugenie

10 February 2019, 19:06 | Updated: 10 February 2019, 19:09

Sarah Ferguson has spoken out on 'frightening' online trolling
Sarah Ferguson has spoken out on 'frightening' online trolling. Picture: GETTY

The Duchess urged Good Morning Britain viewers to get involved with her latest charity campaign that aims to provide an education for children across the world.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has spoken out on the "frightening" impact of social media and cyberbullying while revealing how she discusses such issues with daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Appearing on a recent episode of Good Morning Britain, Sarah claimed: "I find the whole of the social media bullying just really frightening, for myself, let alone for my girls Beatrice and Eugenie - they fight all the time to stop cyberbullying and to stop the pressure of social media.

"I think it's a really big issue and we really must address it."

Sarah is aiming to bring education to all children with her latest charity campaign
Sarah is aiming to bring education to all children with her latest charity campaign. Picture: GETTY

On raising her daughters, Sarah explained: "I believe in example by leadership. The way I've been a mother to my girls is that I never hide anything from them, so the fears we address them straight on.

"Beatrice is 30 and Eugenie is 28 so they are young women now and they have their own voice, but the way that we have always managed to be very solidified as a team together - with the Duke of York, who is a great father - is family unity and talking about any issue."

The Duchess was appearing on Good Morning Britain to discuss her latest charity campaign with Street Child that sees her aim to bring education to all children across the globe.

Sarah Ferguson's Charity 'Street Child' to Build Schools Across 10 Countries | Good Morning Britain

Sarah then offered out advice to any viewers at home who may feel under pressure due to social media expectations.

She explained: "If you're red-headed and full of life like me and full of colour, of course everyone is going to sometimes take a jab at you and you get up, you get on and you never give up...

"That's what I've done and I'm in my 60th year now and I'm still standing."

The Duchess of York cited her youthful vigour and exuberant vitality down to her unyielding charitable endeavours.

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Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid went on to ask the Duchess for her opinion on Megan Markle's charitable efforts, including writing empowering messages on fruit for sex workers.

59-year-old Sarah mused: "I think that anybody that is on the public stage and shines a light on situations which are difficult should be honoured and heralded.

"It's about getting the message out there that there's a chance for people to have hope, and if there is no hope then what have we got? I am so lucky, I have been at this in 32 years and I have learnt more from being with children and being with people who have absolutely nothing...

"It has taught me so much humility and kindness but most of all forgiveness for life really."