Single mum-of-three claims it's "more expensive" to work full-time

5 April 2019, 08:48 | Updated: 5 April 2019, 08:49

Stephanie shocked viewers on Channel 5's Spray Tan Mums
Stephanie shocked viewers on Channel 5's Spray Tan Mums. Picture: Channel 5

Stephanie auditioned for The X Factor, but decided to give up on her singing dreams after giving birth to her first child

A single mum-of-three has controversially claimed that it's "impossible" to get a job that suits her lifestyle and argued that it is "more expensive" to work full-time.

Stephanie - star of Channel 5's Spray Tan Mums: Single and Proud - explained: "When I work I have to be self-employed because as a single mum with three kids working full-time, it costs me more money to put them in the after-school club and the breakfast club.

"I just want to sort myself out now, look after myself, pay my own bills. I'm just looking to my future and that's all I can do every day."

The documentary follows a number of single mums from Liverpool who are attempting to set up their own beauty salon businesses while juggling motherhood.

Stephanie said it's 'more expensive' to work full-time
Stephanie said it's 'more expensive' to work full-time. Picture: CHANNEL 5

After auditioning for The X Factor, Stephanie abandoned her hopes of becoming a chart-topping singer after falling pregnant with her first child Taylor, now 13. She has since had two more children: Mischa, eight, and Mason, five.

The ambitious businesswoman-in-making said she couldn't care less about people's opinion of her work ethic.

Stephanie claimed: "I honestly couldn't care less what anyone thinks about me being a single mum... It's no one else's business. I don't pay my bills with opinions...

"In reality it's impossible to get a full-time job when you're a single mum, if you haven't got family and friends who are going to babysit or whatever."

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