Over 200 new emojis have been revealed including a cheeky hand gesture, ballet slippers and a sneezing face

6 February 2019, 15:11

There are tonnes of new emojis coming soon!
There are tonnes of new emojis coming soon! Picture: Apple

The list of new emojis being released in 2019 has finally been revealed and we can't believe that some of them don't already exist!

Emoji is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world (if you can call it that!) so it's no wonder that it's growing each year.

And 2019 brings us a brand new selection of pictures to litter our texts with.

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A whopping 230 new characters are being introduced and include more food items, more facial expressions and some hilarious hand gestures.

There are also some more animals being introduced including a flamingo, otter, guide dog and sloth and some other symbols including a red one that many predictably think will be used for a woman's 'time of the month'.

These are the new emojis being released in 2019
These are the new emojis being released in 2019. Picture: Emojipedia Sample Image Collection

But the most of the talk online has revolved around a particular hand gesture emoji that is probably not going to be used the way its creators intended!

It looks like for some it could be perfect when paired with the aubergine emoji...

There is yet to be an official launch date for the new emojis yet but they will be released across all operating systems throughout the year.