What time is Boris Johnson’s coronavirus briefing today?

22 September 2020, 11:41

Boris Johnson will address the nation in a speech today
Boris Johnson will address the nation in a speech today. Picture: PA Images

What time is Boris Johnson speech and what will he say about the coronavirus lockdown? Here's what we know...

With coronavirus cases rising in the UK, now the government is set to put in new restrictions to try and control the spread.

And the Prime Minister will address the nation on Tuesday evening to tell everyone exactly what the plan is.

This comes after Boris Johnson chaired an emergency Cobra meeting on Monday as scientists moved the Covid alert level from level 3 to 4, the second highest threat marker.

But what time is the briefing and what can we expect the PM to say?

What time is Boris Johnson’s coronavirus briefing?

Boris Johnson will be addressing the nation at 8pm.

Boris Johnson will address the nation today
Boris Johnson will address the nation today. Picture: PA Images

You can watch it by tuning into BBC One, the BBC News Channel and Sky News. You can also watch the speech live on our YouTube channel.

The Prime Minister is also speaking in the Commons today at 12:30pm to discuss the new lockdown measures.

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What will Boris Johnson announce in his briefing?

The PM is set to announce new lockdown restrictions during his speech today.

He is expected to say that there is a 10pm curfew on pubs, bars and restaurants from Thursday, while ordering at the bar will also be banned.

According to the Daily Telegraph, other potential measures are being considered including a further delay to crowds returning to sporting events.

Despite the government’s push for workers to return to the office just weeks ago, the prime minister will also advise employees to work from home if they can again.

Cabinet minister Michael Gove told Sky News earlier: “One of the things we are going to emphasise is that if it is possible for people to work from home, we are going to encourage them to do so.”

He continued: "We need to balance the need for people to work and continue to go to school against taking steps to try and reduce the virus.

"If we can encourage people to work from home, we will, but if people need to be in the office, we will work to make it as safe as possible."

This comes six months after Boris Johnson addressed the nation to announce the first lockdown on 23 March.

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