Exact time you could expect power blackouts this winter, expert warns

18 October 2022, 11:50

The UK could face blackouts in January and February
The UK could face blackouts in January and February. Picture: Getty Images

Will we face power blackouts this winter? An energy boss has revealed what could happen over the next few months…

Energy experts have warned that British households could face blackouts this winter.

Earlier this month, National Grid admitted the UK might not have enough power to run the country if the energy crisis continues.

And now head of the utilities company John Pettigrew has said planned power cuts could be imposed as early as January and February.

Blackouts could be enforced in the UK
Blackouts could be enforced in the UK. Picture: Alamy

Speaking at the Financial Times’s Energy Transition Summit, John added that electricity and gas supplies may be temporarily switched off in the "deepest, darkest evenings” between 4pm and 7pm.

He added: “In the context of the terrible things that are going on in Ukraine and the consequences of that [it was] right that we set out what some of the potential risks could be.”

This comes after the Grid admitted the chance of blackouts had increased and they might be necessary if gas supplies run low.

It said: "In the unlikely event there is insufficient gas supply available in GB to meet demand, and should the market be unable to resolve the resultant imbalance, we have the tools required to ensure the safety and integrity of the gas system in the event of a Gas Supply Emergency.

The UK could face blackouts next year
The UK could face blackouts next year. Picture: Alamy

"All possible measures would be taken to minimise the extent to which we use these tools."

What would blackouts in the UK look like?

There are 15 power networks in the UK and National Grid would notify households if any had to be cut off temporarily.

This would result in power in certain areas being turned off at specific times in the day, before rotating across the country.

If these power cuts do go ahead, it would be the first time there have been controlled blackouts since the 1970s.

The reason there is a risk in the winter is because more energy is consumed during the colder months as everyone spends more time indoors with the heating on.