Will we be able to travel over the New Year?

23 December 2021, 10:16

Boris Johnson confirms no new restrictions before Christmas

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Will I be able to go on holiday this week? Here’s everything we know about the travel rules…

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With Covid cases in the UK on the rise, Christmas plans have once again been thrown into chaos.

The government recently introduced new ‘Plan B’ measures to try and slow the spread of the Omicron variant, while Boris Johnson hasn’t ruled out imposing more restrictions.

But will we be able to travel after Christmas? Here’s what we know…

There are fears holidays could be cancelled
There are fears holidays could be cancelled. Picture: Getty Images

Will we be able to go on holiday abroad over the New Year?

It is not known whether we will be able to travel freely after Christmas.

While there are no current travel rules within the UK, reports have suggested the Prime Minister could initiate ‘Step 2’ restrictions on December 27 or 28.

If this came into force, it could mean a ban on travel abroad.

Mr Johnson is set to announce whether any more restrictions will come into force later this week.

Which countries can we currently travel to?

At the time of writing, no countries or territories are on the ‘red list’ in England.

Spain has tightened their entry requirements
Spain has tightened their entry requirements. Picture: Alamy

However, some European countries have started banning British tourists due to worries over Omicron.

France was the first country to stop anyone from the UK entering, with travellers needing an essential reason for their trip unless they are French nationals, residents or hauliers.

Germany also recently banned all UK tourists from visiting, with airlines banned from transporting anyone from Britain who isn’t a German citizen or resident, their partners and children.

Meanwhile, Spain has just tightened entry requirements for UK visitors, with unvaccinated travellers from Britain banned from entering the country.

Many people are worried their holidays will be cancelled
Many people are worried their holidays will be cancelled. Picture: Alamy

This means all UK travellers who reach its territory are required to fill in a Health Control Form before their trip.

In addition, they are required to present proof of full vaccination, which means a negative PCR test is no longer accepted and all travellers aged 12 and over must be fully vaccinated to enter.

Will we be able to holiday in the UK after Christmas?

This is also unknown at the moment, with Mr Johnson yet to announce what will happen after Christmas.

If England returned to ‘Step 2’ restrictions, it would mean domestic hotels, hostels and B&Bs would have to close, while campsites and self-contained holiday accommodation would be open to single households or support bubbles only.

Boris Johnson outlines Plan B coronavirus measures

Scotland and Wales have already announced plans to tighten their Covid restrictions from Boxing Day.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister announced all outdoor events will be limited to 500 people, and indoor events limited to 200 people seated, or 100 standing.

Venues will also be required to have one-metre physical distancing for any events still going ahead.

The Welsh government said all sporting events would be held behind closed doors from 26 December and introduced a legal requirement to work from home unless there was a reasonable excuse not to.