UK weather: Heatwave to return next month and Britain will bake in 26C scorcher

21 June 2021, 07:49 | Updated: 21 June 2021, 07:55

The heatwave is set to return
The heatwave is set to return. Picture: PA Images

The weather is set to heat up again next week as the heatwave makes a welcome return.

After a very wet weekend, Britain could see the return of the heatwave next month.

According to Netweather, July will see the mercury climb to 27C degrees as warm air sweeps in from the Azores.

Netweather’s temperature charts are based on GFS model data and the pictures turn dark red at the start of next month, showing high pressure coming in from France.

Brits could be enjoyed high temperatures again
Brits could be enjoyed high temperatures again. Picture: PA Images

While the south east of England looks to be the warmest - reaching the high 20s - the rest of the country could also see the mercury climb into the high teens and early 20s.

The forecast states: “There is a signal for pressure to become relatively high to the east of the UK which may result in rather warmer weather establishing especially in the east of Britain, with winds blowing from the south or south west, and potential for thundery outbreaks.”

Unfortunately, it looks like things are going to stay wet and windy this week, with temperatures struggling to get into the 20s.

It's been a washout weekend in the UK
It's been a washout weekend in the UK. Picture: PA Images

On Monday, showers are expected across much of the far south of England, while a band of rain will also make its way across Scotland and parts of northern England.

Into Tuesday and Wednesday, rain will continue across most of the country with temperatures remaining on the cooler side.

By the end of the week, things are set to dry up but temperatures will remain colder than we've been used to.

The Met Office forecast states: “Friday will see generally average temperatures, and a band of cloud and rain across central and southern parts gradually moving southeastwards throughout the day; drier, sunnier conditions to be expected further northwest.

The Met Office Explain Exactly What A UK Heatwave Is

“Then, predominantly dry weather is likely for most, but with briefly more unsettled spells of rain or showers for southern and eastern parts, as well as more prolonged rain for the northwest of the UK.

“Winds are most likely remaining light to moderate throughout, with temperatures hovering at or slightly above average for the time of year.”

Met Office meteorologist Alex Burkhill added: "There has been quite a lot of unsettled weather recently.

"The heaviest has generally been across southern parts - moving in from the near continent, across the Channel and into the UK."