Brits to bask in 19C heat before 'cold snap' brings snow and ice to UK

25 March 2022, 08:17 | Updated: 25 March 2022, 11:16

The weather looks set to get chillier next week
The weather looks set to get chillier next week. Picture: Alamy/Getty

UK weather: the current hot weather looks set to be replaced by colder temperatures next week.

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It might be wise not to put away your big coat just yet, because a 'cold snap' is reportedly set to bring ice and snow to the UK.

After a few days of unusually warm weather, the mercury could drop below freezing in some parts of the country.

On Thursday, temperatures reached as high as 20C, with the hottest part of the country being East Yorkshire.

The heat looks set to continue into the weekend, with widespread temperatures in the high teens and up to 19C, but forecasters have predicted this will be replaced by a cold snap.

Met Office say weekend will continue to be warm before cold snap

Britain has seen some unusually warm weather in the last week
Britain has seen some unusually warm weather in the last week. Picture: Alamy

As reported by the Mirror, maps from WXCharts shows that parts of Scotland could drop as low as -4C and see several centimetres of snow.

BBC forecaster Darren Bett said: "There are some big changes in the weather pattern on the way but not just yet."

“On Thursday despite the haziness of the sunshine temperatures reached 20C in East Yorkshire, the warmest place in the country.

"It was a few degrees cooler than that in Scotland and Northern Ireland where we did see more cloud and we still have a weak weather front draped in the Northern Isles bringing some damp weather here. Otherwise it is high pressure that is dominating the weather."

He added that Friday will see a cold start for many, before highs of up to 19C in some parts of the country.

"Temperatures in rural areas will not be far away from freezing," he said. "There maybe a few pockets of frost and fog to start the day across Scotland and Northern Ireland but away from Northern Isles there is set to be more sunshine for Scotland and Northern Ireland on Friday. Plenty of sunshine for England and Wales.

The warm weather wis set to be replaced by a 'cold snap' next week
The warm weather wis set to be replaced by a 'cold snap' next week. Picture: Alamy

"Dry and largely sunny day and quite warm again for the time of year 18C maybe 19C for England and Wales. The high pressure is still there across the UK on Saturday."

Things look set to get colder on Sunday, with rain expected in parts of the country.

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"Into next week though and this is where we see significant changes not least because we are going to start to see a northerly wind moving down and that will really drop the temperatures," said Mr Bett.

"As the high recedes early next week we have got the chance of seeing some rain and then that northerly wind arrives it will be much colder by day and also by night.”