UK weather: Met Office warning as temperatures plunge to 1C after 70mph winds

19 November 2020, 11:35

A cold snap is heading for the UK
A cold snap is heading for the UK. Picture: Getty Images

Britain is set to freeze after balmy 17C temperatures on Wednesday.

With winter well and truly in full swing, the UK could be facing a very cold spell over the next few days.

We’ve seen rain batter the country over the past few weeks, but now Brits are set to freeze with temperatures dropping as low as 1C.

While Wednesday saw the mercury hit a whopping 17C on Wednesday, chilly winds of up to 70mph battered parts of Scotland this morning.

And the cold blast of wind will continue to hit parts of the UK for much of the day, with snow, sleet and hail even on the cards for Northern Scotland.

Meanwhile, the south and east will see lows of 2C, with the wind making things feel even colder.

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Met Office forecaster Claire Nasir told the Mirror: "Over the next 24 hours things turn a lot colder, Wednesday into Thursday,

"There will be significant wind chill particularly in the morning.

"The rain returns to the far north of Scotland, pushing south and that's where the really cold air is."

She added: "Temperatures will struggle and if you're stepping outside wrap up warm as there's significant wind chill."

Temperatures are set to plunge this week
Temperatures are set to plunge this week. Picture: PA Images

Meteorologist Alex Deakin also added to The Sun things will be feeling ‘much closer to freezing.”

He said: “Finally a cold spell... We’ll all notice that wind in the morning because it’s bringing colder air.

“It’s going to feel much closer to freezing particularly across north-east Scotland where there will be some snow showers even to lower levels, not expected to build up or cause any problems but a definite taste of winter or be it very brief.”

Things will get a bit warmer into the weekend with the winds calming down.

The Met Office forecast says of Friday: “Occasional rain moving eastwards, then turning brighter to the east of high ground later.

“Cold start, but becoming mild and breezy for most areas later.”

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