Amazing moment Aussie farmer celebrates as rain finally falls in New South Wales

18 January 2020, 18:03

The heavy downpour follows months of dangerous droughts and horrific bushfires that have claimed animals, land and human life.

A farmer has revealed the incredible moment he celebrated heavy rain falling on his land after months of drought in New South Wales, Australia.

Bryce Chapman posted a heartwarming video of himself laughing, screaming and embracing the torrential downpour as his property was drenched in much-needed water earlier this week.

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The Aussie farmer couldn't hide his excitement.
The Aussie farmer couldn't hide his excitement. Picture: Bryce Chapman / Facebook

Showing pure joy and happiness as he threw off his hat and thrust his face into the rain, the clip saw the overjoyed man step into the whipping storm as he revealed puddles and wet mud forming on his thirsty farm.

"Send it down. Let's get wet," he screamed as it continued to thrash his body.

Flipping the camera around to show his social media followers his animals getting soaked in the rain, he added, "My cows – here’s some rain to give you some feed."

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The wet weather is a welcome relief to residents in New South Wales.
The wet weather is a welcome relief to residents in New South Wales. Picture: Bryce Chapman / Facebook

The wet weather comes as a huge relief to the agricultural worker and many other Australians, who have been battling horrendous bushfires that have ravaged the southeastern state.

The outburst of rain reportedly extinguished more than 32 active blazes in New South Wales, giving both residents and firefighters hope that the farmland and grassland will finally stop being destroyed by flames.

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This week's downpour marks the first significant rainfall around the region since the terrible fires began late last year.

More rain has been forecast this coming weekend in some of the most affected areas of the country, including Sydney, the NSW mid-north coast, and Brisbane.

However, there are now concerns of flash flooding, landslides and water being contaminated with ash and debris throughout the east coast.