Council house tenants face calls to quit smoking in their home

21 November 2018, 15:41

smoking cigarettes
Councils are putting pressure on residents to quit smoking . Picture: Getty

Residents in council housing are being pressured to stop smoking in a bid to tackle second-hand smoke.

Council house tenants are facing calls to be banned from smoking in their home, after it was found they are three times more likely to do so than home-owners.

It's been suggested residents should be given access to vaping kits to help them quit, after researchers found 35 per cent of residents in social housing smoked - compared to 25 per cent in private rented accommodation and just 11 per cent of home owners. 

The report was published by Action Smoking Health and two All Party Parliamentary Groups in a bid to tackle the effects of second hand smoke on young children and non-smokers.

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smoking cigarettes
Residents will be given access to vapes to help them quit. Picture: Getty

Co-chair of the report Lee Sugden of Salix Homes said: "People living in social housing are twice as likely to smoke as anyone else, so as a social landlord, we have an important role to play in supporting our tenants to lead a healthier lifestyle, whether that be initiatives like providing vaping starter kits, or signposting them to the right support services.

"This is not about a ban on smoking in homes; this is about raising awareness of the significant health inequalities of those living in some communities and recognising how we as landlords can help and support people to quit the habit."

Mr Sugden ensured that Salix Homes have provided tenants with access to free e-cigarette starter kits and additional support to assist them to stop smoking.