UK weather: Britain set to be hotter than Ibiza this weekend as summer kicks off with heatwave

29 May 2019, 10:40 | Updated: 29 May 2019, 10:45

Brits are in for a scorching weekend
Brits are in for a scorching weekend. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

It's set to be hotter than Ibiza in the UK this weekend.

The long, hot summer we’ve been promised is finally coming to the UK this weekend, with temperatures set to soar (just in time for Love Island).

Yep, June is certainly kicking off the official summer season as it’s actually going to be warmer than hotspots such as Barcelona, St. Tropez and Ibiza which will be hitting the mid twenties.

According to the Met Office, London will see temperatures hit 26 to 27°C, along with "sunny clear skies". Who needs a holiday?

Britain is set for a heat wave this weekend
Britain is set for a heat wave this weekend. Picture: Getty

The blistering heat is thanks to the jet stream rising north of the UK which is bringing lots of sunshine and warmth.

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Unfortunately, it’s not the same for the whole country as Scotland will have more modest highs of 17C in Edinburgh and 16C in Glasgow, while the north of England and Cardiff, Wales, will get to 21C.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said: “The indication is that we could see highs of 28C (82F), isolated highs of around 28C, on Saturday, and the most likely candidate places for those would be places like Norwich, north London, those sorts of areas away from the coast, but in the south-east corner of the UK.

“So Sunday looks very much as though it’s going to be a warmer day than Saturday. So we have got that warmth coming through.

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“Once this warm front, and the air behind it, starts to pull across the UK then we will see temperatures starting to rise.”

Sun lovers will need to sit tight for a few days before getting out their swimwear, because rain is on the way first across the country over the next few days.

More heavy outbreaks could be coming on Thursday but temperatures should start to clear for Friday.

As for next week, a scorching Saturday and Sunday will make way for a “fresh start”, as temperatures are expected to plummet again with scattered showers cooling things down.