When is it going to snow in the UK? Met Office reveal latest forecast

7 December 2023, 17:02

When is it going to snow? Met Office weather forecast
Snow in the UK is becoming more likely as we progress through December. Picture: Alamy

By Hope Wilson

With Christmas around the corner and temperatures plummeting, residents of the UK are on constant snow watch - here's what the weather experts have said about the next flurry.

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Snow forecasts have been dominating our weather watch in recent weeks as the temperatures plummet to minus figures.

With Christmas also this month, residents of the UK remain hopeful that they'll wake up to a white blanket to really add to that festive feeling.

With a light snowfall already hitting parts of the country in the first weekend of December, can we expect it to snow again in the UK?

Here's what the Met Office has forecast in terms of snow in the upcoming weeks as the weather continues to turn full winter on us.

There are weather warnings in place for ice and snow
Snow covered parts of the UK in early December. Picture: Alamy

When is it going to snow in the UK?

As it stands, no snow is currently forecast in the immediate range for the UK. In fact, the next five days look pretty miserable as rain warnings are being put in place.

Met Office Chief Forecaster, Neil Armstrong, said: "We have issued a number of severe weather warning for rain across the UK, as much as 80mm of rain could fall in some areas of the west, particularly higher ground. Higher ground in eastern Scotland could even see up to 100mm of rain. Our warnings are likely to be updated so keep up to date with the Met Office forecast.

"The rain will be falling on already very wet ground and where there is still lying snow in the northwest of England and parts of Scotland, snow melt will exacerbate the risk of flooding. It is important to check for flood warnings in your area issued by your local environment agency.”

Heavy rain is forecast for many parts of the UK in the coming weeks
Heavy rain is forecast for many parts of the UK in the coming weeks. Picture: Alamy

What is the current Met Office weather forecast?

Looking ahead, the Met Office's warning over rain remains firmly in place. This weekend, they said temperatures will remain mild despite wet conditions.

They said: "Remaining changeable, with periods of rain on all days. Often quite breezy, perhaps especially so later Sunday into Monday. Temperatures often on the mild side.

Looking as far as December 21st, wet and windy remains the theme.

"Initially unsettled but mild, with rain clearing northern areas whilst showers and sunny spells expected in the south - potential for heavier showers merging into longer spells of rain," they forecast.