UK weather: Arctic blast to bring sub-zero temperatures and snow this weekend

24 November 2023, 10:19

Met Office forecast a chilly weekend

By Hope Wilson

It's set to be a cold weekend according to the Met Office.

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The Met Office have forecast a chilly weekend ahead, with temperatures below freezing in some areas.

An artic blast is making its way to the UK, which could see parts of the country experiencing temperatures as low as -5C.

While there doesn't appear to be any heavy snow arriving soon, this cooler weather will bring a slight sprinkling of snow as we head toward the winter months.

Met Office Meteorologist Aidan McGivern has given his verdict on how the weekend will look.

Temperatures could be below freezing this weekend
Temperatures could be below freezing this weekend. Picture: Alamy

Mr McGivern said: "By the end of the week we are going to see cold winds arrive from the north.

"It's going to feel colder this week and there will be some snow showers over, mainly, hills of northern Scotland.

"But elsewhere, with high pressure in place, it is going to be mostly dry on Friday and into the start of the weekend."

Met Office forecast for Friday 24th November

Meteorologist Alex Deakin says: "Winds are pretty strong through Friday, slowly they will start to ease during the course of Saturday but we've got high pressure in control that will bring many places clear skies, which means Friday night is going to be a cold one.

"Fairly extensive frost particularly over central and western parts, towns and cities down close to if not below freezing and we haven't seen that very often so far this Autumn.

"Perhaps counterintuitively where the strongest winds are in the east, temperatures here may just be a little bit above freezing because the the winds will help to mix the air. But it won't feel warmer, it will feel colder because of the strength of that breeze along that east coast."

Some areas could see frost this weekend
Some areas could see frost this weekend. Picture: Getty

Met Office forecast for Saturday 25th November

Meteorologist Alex Deakin continues: "For the vast majority it's a sparkling day of late Autumn sunshine, but it will be on the chilly side. Temperatures are going to be mostly in single figures, struggling to get much above 4C or 5C in many places and again, that east coast it will feel colder because of the strength of the wind.

"Quite quickly on Saturday night temperatures will drop away as well because we've got high pressure remaining in control, but it is just edging its way eastwards and that will allow a weather front and an area of low pressure to move in."

It is set to be a cold weekend across the UK
It is set to be a cold weekend across the UK. Picture: Alamy

Met Office forecast for Sunday 26th November

Meteorologist Alex Deakin states: "Sunday won't be as sunny. It won't be perhaps as cold first thing here but there will be cloud and outbreaks of rain moving into Northern Ireland, southwest Scotland, eventually parts of Wales and southwest England, and the breeze will start to pick up as well for many central and eastern parts.

"Sunday's another fine day particularly on those North Sea coast, it won't be as windy. This band of cloud and rain will slowly start to lift the temperatures so by the end of the day it'll be a little milder, but for most of the day it'll still feel pretty cold dank and drizzly."