Woman fined £200 after driving 100 miles to McDonald’s for a burger

14 January 2021, 10:30

A woman has been fined for driving to McDonalds
A woman has been fined for driving to McDonalds. Picture: Getty Images/PA Images

A woman was handed a fine after going on a 100-mile trip to Scarborough with her sister.

A woman has been hit with a £200 fine after she drove 100 miles with her sister to McDonald’s.

She travelled from her home in Lincolnshire to Scarborough on Saturday, which is a breach of the current lockdown in England.

The motorist, in her 30s, was issued a fixed penalty notice after she was caught crossing three counties to buy herself a burger meal.

Chief Inspector Rachel Wood, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "Driving through three counties to get a burger is not classed as essential travel.

A woman was fined for going to McDonald's during lockdown
A woman was fined for going to McDonald's during lockdown. Picture: PA Images

"Most people in North Yorkshire are trying really hard to stop the spread of Covid in our communities and protect the vulnerable.

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"When this pandemic is over, we know everyone’s looking forward to going where they want, when they want

"But in the meantime, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who continues to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives."

In England, people must stay at home and only go out for certain reasons.

It is illegal to leave home without a ‘reasonable excuse’, which includes shopping for essentials, exercise, childcare, going to work - if you cannot work from home - and supporting vulnerable people.

This comes after a group of people in the Northampton area were hit with a huge fine earlier last week during a morning trip to McDonald's.

The group, of two women and two men, were caught arriving at the fast food chain's Drive Thru service at 5am on Wednesday morning.

The police fined them £200 each after it was discovered the four people were not from the same household.

Northampton Response Team tweeted last Wednesday: "At 5am we stopped a car with 4 ppl in.. Just going to McDonald's... Not all of them live in the same household, 4x COVID tickets issued.

"Pls make sure you are up to date with the most recent http://Gov.uk guidance to make sure you don't end up with a ticket!"

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