41 Drivers Caught In Bank Hoilday Operation

25 April 2019, 06:55 | Updated: 25 April 2019, 07:04

Roads Policing

Cumbria Police carried out extra patrols over the weekend

Forty one drivers were caught for a range of traffic offences in three days of action over the bank holiday weekend in Cumbria.
Covert patrols were out targeting vehicles.
Operation Monochrome, led by Collision Reduction Officer, PC Norman Black, and three officers from the Eden Proactive team targeted drivers who were driving anti socially, drink driving or driving under the influence of drugs.
Vehicles were stopped and checked over the three day period.
Speeding was also targeted through the operation, with 33 vehiclesexceeding the speed limit.
Some of these vehicles were stopped but other drivers will receive their notice through the post within a few days.
One driver who was caught speeding also had two young children who had no seat belts on.
Other results included:
* Two arrests being made, one for drink driving and one for driving under the influence of drugs. This person was later charged.
* A vehicle was seized during the operation for being driven with no insurance.
Traffic Offences also reported included contravening solid white lines and parking on a pedestrian crossing.
PC Black said:
“These operations are essential in targeting those who drive in a manner where they are putting themselves, passengers, other road user and pedestrians at risk.
“This operation will be repeated in future, utilising both covert and high visibility officers in uniform.
“We would urge all road users to follow the law and rules of the road - and think of their safety and other people’s safety at all times.”