Barrow Man Jailed For Selling His Own Methadone

14 January 2019, 17:04 | Updated: 14 January 2019, 17:10

Carlisle Crown Court, Cumbria

He was arrested after a 48 year old man died

A man who admitted supplying methadone has today (14 Jan) been jailed for three years and four months.
Craig Holman, 49, of Egerton Court, Barrow, pleaded guilty to supply and was sentenced today at Preston Crown Court.
On the morning of Sunday 23 July 2017, officers attended an address in James Street in Barrow following the death of a 48-year-old man there.
Officers recovered from the scene an empty bottle of methadone in the name of Craig Holman. Holman was arrested on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug.
In his police interview, Holman told officers he receives methadone from a pharmacy due to his previous heroin addiction.
Holman told officers he had a deal with the deceased whereby Holman would collect his methadone on a Saturday and then sell it to him for around £10 on the Sunday. The two men continued this arrangement for a year.
He told the officers he knew he was committing an offence by selling the methadone as it was a controlled drug.
Detective Constable Amanda Stables said: "This case goes to highlight, firstly, the consequences of people taking drugs which are not prescribed for their use and, secondly, the seriousness with which the courts take this kind of offence.
"Whilst the deceased made his own decision to purchase the methadone, Holman should never have even considered providing another person with the drug. Yet, not only did he do that but he did so to make money.
"Holman's actions were dangerous, reckless and have ultimately proved to have tragic consequences."