Arg thanks Mark Wright for organising rehab stint that saved his life in heartbreaking interview

27 May 2020, 11:01 | Updated: 27 May 2020, 11:10

The former TOWIE star is now in recovery after a 10-week stint in Thailand battling cocaine addiction.

James Argent has revealed his closest pal Mark Wright was the main driving force behind him going to rehab earlier this year, which gave him a reason to live again.

The TOWIE star, better known as Arg, opened up to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on today's This Morning in an emotional interview.

Arg was interviewed on This Morning
Arg was interviewed on This Morning. Picture: ITV

Arg, 32, told the hosts how best friend and Heart evenings presenter Mark, 33, was always on the other end of the phone for him during his most difficult time over 2019's festive period.

He said: "Throughout the whole of December he was making calls for me, begging me to go to rehab, begging me to get treatment but I wasn't ready.

"I didn't wanna go, I'd just given up hope.

"It wasn't until Boxing Day, I rung up Mark, and I said, 'Mark, I can't do this anymore'."

Arg looked emotional as he discussed addiction
Arg looked emotional as he discussed addiction. Picture: ITV
The pair have been friends since their teens
The pair have been friends since their teens. Picture: Getty

The star continued to explain that when you relapse, it gets worse every time, and it wasn't until December that he realised he actually could've died.

"I knew if I didnt sort myself I would've died, so I called Mark and he went out of his way to find a rehab in Thailand, he spoke to the owners, he helped organise it all in terms of the financial side.

"He booked my flights, he arranged everything and I'm forever grateful for Mark", Arg added.

The reality TV veteran attended Rehab from the start of 2020 until the day before the UK went into lockdown and admitted he's finding it tough.

Arg explained that since coming back he's been: "doing zoom meetings now" as he can't attend his normal outpatients appointments and is "doing calls with other addicts".

The star's even shed an impressive five stone since heading to rehab, stating "I've gone from 23.5 stone to 18.5 stone".

But recovery isn't without its difficulties: "It's very difficult in lockdown cause they always tell you to not isolate and be social, and the day after I got home from Thailand lockdown was announced, it's really difficult."

Arg cited Mark and his cousin Elliot, girlfriend Gemma Collins, Joey Essex and Ferne McCann, as some of his "amazing close friends" who have really helped him in his time of need.