Ashley Cain shares devastating news that baby daughter Azaylia might just have 'days to live'

9 April 2021, 10:10

Ashley Cain shared a devastating update to Instagram
Ashley Cain shared a devastating update to Instagram. Picture: Instagram/Ashley Cain

Ashley Cain has shared a devastating update on his seven-month-old daughter Azaylia's leukaemia battle.

Ashley Cain has given a devastating update on his baby daughter Azaylia, telling his followers that she 'might have just days to live' after doctors discovered more tumours in her body.

He posted a 10-minute video clip to Instagram, in which he said that "a lot has been happening" this week and he decided to make a video because there was "too much to write in a caption."

Ashley said: "So last week we had the bone marrow test and the lumbar puncture and bloods taken to send to Singapore in the hope that they could create therapy to save Azaylia's life.

"Then we had to have a CT scan on her head and the results came back the next day to say she's got two very big tumours on her brain.

"They also said that the chemotherapy that is usually given to treat leukaemia in the spine or the brain will not be available because she has too much pressure with these tumours.

"If they tried to go through the spinal tap it would kill her. At that point, our world came down."

"Consultants said that they think she's only got one, two days to live, and it could even be that night."

Ashley was told that Azaylia may have just days to live
Ashley was told that Azaylia may have just days to live. Picture: Instagram/Ashley Cain

Ashley added that he and Azaylia's mum Safiyya Vorajee took her home, and that she made it through the next two nights. The couple then decided to take Azaylia off pain medication.

He then said that Azaylia had perked up, giving him and Safiyya hope that they could travel to Singapore for treatment, but they were then devastatingly told that doctors would be unable to treat her as her disease is too rare.

Further scans showed that there are tumours in the baby's lungs, stomach, spleen and two on her brain, meaning further treatment isn't possible.

Ashley said: "For the last part of her life I just want to take her home. See her like a baby and give her the best rest of her life ever."

He added that he was determined to put on a brave face for Azaylia, saying that he needs to "be strong" for his daughter as she "needs to see her daddy smiling."