Kate Garraway breaks down in tears as husband Derek hugs their son Billy

22 February 2022, 13:47 | Updated: 22 February 2022, 14:08

Kate Garraway emotional on GMB on watching clip of Derek moving his arm by emotion for the first time

Kate Garraway became emotional after seeing a heartwarming moment between Derek and Billy.

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Kate Garraway broke down in tears after walking in on her husband Derek Draper hugging their son Billy.

The emotional clip will be shown in documentary Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek, which will air on ITV at 9pm tonight.

Derek, 54, was was in hospital with Covid for a year after contracting the illness in March 2020, and he now requires round the clock care.

He returned home in April 2021, and his wife and kids were shown eagerly awaiting his return.

In an emotional clip from the upcoming documentary, Kate discusses her reservations about doing a follow-up to the BAFTA Award-winning Finding Derek.

The emotional moment will be shown in the documentary this evening
The emotional moment will be shown in the documentary this evening. Picture: ITV

"I'm very protective of Derek and I'm very protective of people seeing him vulnerable but I've talked to him a lot about this and I think he understands," she says. "Because we have to make it real, because it's the reality of people recovering... and it's not pretty."

Ahead of his arrival, their son Billy offers cameras a tour of his dad's new bedroom and bathroom.

When asked if he's worried about his dad coming home, Billy says: "Yeah, I don't really mind. I mean, obviously I mind but I'm not worried. Because I can finally complete the [lego] Death Star. I've been waiting to complete this until dad gets home."

When Derek arrives home, Billy and his sister Darcey go and greet their dad and offer him a hug.

Kate opened up about the moment on GMB today
Kate opened up about the moment on GMB today. Picture: ITV

While Kate is getting Derek's stuff ready in another room, Derek signals to Billy that he wants a hug and manages to move his arm upward as Billy leans in to hug him.

Kate then comes back into the room and says: "Oh god, god darling."

On this morning's GMB, Kate Garraway opened up about the heartwarming moment, saying: "That was the first time we’d seen him activate a movement from emotion rather than in physio.

"I burst into tears watching when I saw that in the documentary."

Kate Garraway: Caring for Derek airs tonight at 9pm on ITV

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