Pregnant Mrs Hinch rushed to hospital and her baby is being monitored 'until further notice'

25 April 2019, 06:56 | Updated: 25 April 2019, 07:05

Mrs Hinch has opened up about a terrifying health scare
Mrs Hinch has opened up about a terrifying health scare. Picture: Instagram

The Instagram cleaning star has announced on Instagram that she was rushed to hospital after a terrifying health scare

Sophie Hinchcliffe, known as Mrs Hinch, has been rushed to hospital where she and her unborn baby are being monitored 'until further notice'.

The Instagram cleaning star, 29, who is pregnant with her first baby, told her followers that she and her baby are 'doing fine' after the scare.

Taking to her stories, she wrote: "Unfortunately I have been rushed to hospital.

"While our mini-Hinch is being fully monitored and doing fine, unfortunately I am not well myself and I am in hospital now until further notice.

"I have wonderful doctors and nurses looking after me around the clock (and Jamie is here being amazing bless him).

"But for now, I have been told I need to focus on getting myself better and keeping healthy in order to carry on growing our mini Hinch and I must listen to professional medical advice."

She added: "I know how amazing you all are and how much you care about me, and the last thing I would want is you all worrying about me without me saying anything at all.

"I promise to keep you all updated as much as I can and please continue to Hinch for me guys, Mrs Hinch needs her Hinchers now more than ever".

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❤ Sadly I cant post a letter to each and every one of you individually. So instead Ive laid on my bed and written one 🙈 and thought I would post it here , I really hope you get to read it ❤ To my Hincher , How are you? It’s Mrs Hinch here! I really need to thank you , thank you for changing my life. You may be thinking how? So let me explain. My life hasn’t changed in a physical way, I still live in the same house, wear the same clothes , shop in the same shops and eat out in the same restaurants! But you have changed the way that I feel inside about myself. I’ve been anxious, a worrier and an over thinker ever since I can remember and never really understood why or why I was the only one like it. But little did I know there’s millions out there like me and without you I would never have known this. You’ve given me the confidence to go out alone , eat lunch on my own , show off my random Hinch hauls, pine my toilet, hang up my cloths, shine my sink and not feel ashamed. Because of you I’ve stood in front of photographers, been on the TV, opened up in my very own book and now I feel as though I can even manage my anxiety. I need you to know that I will never forget where I started and I will never leave you behind. I also need you to remember that If I can do this journey ... you can. With or without Mrs Hinch .. you’ve got this. We are now a community of Hinchers , working together , simply trying to enjoy the one life we are blessed to have. Henry and bump would also like to thank you for making their mum smile that bit more everyday and Mr Hinch thanks you for giving his wife the confidence to keep going. We have learnt the “boring life” is the best life and I can’t wait to share my next chapter with you. Thank you for reading this letter , lots of love always. All the best , Soph (AKA Mrs Hinch) ❤ #imahincher #alwayswillbe #mrshinch #2million

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Mrs Hinch recently appeared on This Morning, where she was asked by Holly Willoughby whether she'd still have time for cleaning when her baby arrived.

She replied: “100 per cent. I don’t even clean every day. I think people think I’m at home constantly cleaning.”

“I like to do my 'Hinch Half Hours' and my little 'Freshen Up Fridays' and there might be some days when I sit there and think ‘I’m not even going to touch a cloth today'.

“I’m so laid back about it. My bed is not made this morning and I’m not worrying about it.

“So for me it’s a case of just going with the flow.”